My Boy: part 11

I do not know where this Autism came from. Really, who does? One thing is that I would not change my son for the world. He is perfect, Autism and all. Who says there is no cure? There needs to be acceptance. Why would I want to change him? Thank God he has two eyes that SEE. He has ears that HEAR. He is able to WALK and PLAY. He is HEALTHY. He is ALIVE and is a compassionate empathetic soul connected with the center of the universe. Yes, he does not matter, that is what make Jorge himself. He is a child filled with love and can overcome this. After all, it is not so bad. It is just that people need to understand what Autism is. Yes, my son is INTELLIGENT but no need to compare him to Rain Man. He reads, loves, plays, prays and loves GOD. What is better than that? What we ask for is understanding. He is unique not less. He is the greatest professor that I have ever known and has taught me and my husband great life lessons. If this is Autism, we do not need a cure. What comes from within is beyond limits of human capacity

I am not saying it is always easy, but it is always worth it.535033_3174082588331_593966042_n
The picture above is an actual one of Jorge’s hand and a real puzzle piece that he was playing with outside. My niece who is a photographer made this creation.
As always, comments and Questions are welcome. We are not alone.
Two years ago my son was diagnosed with Autism- He was not talking- middle range and the doctor wanted to give him meds at one point- NEVER, no way. Nature and Nurture…Faith and LOVE.
Thanks for reading..(stay tuned for part 12..Jorge’s birth)



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