My Boy: part 10


He is having a great time in Kindergarten, He always comes home happy. Many times he just wants to hop back on the school bus and go back to school. The way that he socializes now, I forget that he has autism. What a totally different child from the initial diagnosis of autism. Early intervention and appropriate therapies alongside dedicating parenting are vital.

Jorge is in an ASD class with a few others but also participates in a typical Kindergarten throughout the day. He is very busy. Right now, he is learning more how to write his letters. I can see the improvement in the fine motor skills. His name is getting more clear and now he is enjoying writing. Before hand it was more of a task because the muscles in his wrists and hands needed strengthening..but it is all coming along. Taking the summer off to dedicate to his learning was a super successful decision. We still practice when he gets home.

When he arrives home, he takes off school clothes and puts on some kind of super hero shirt, eats a snack and then we do homework, He now understands that it has to be completed and put back into his book bag before he plays or uses the tablet etc. I am so happy that now he is comfortable with learning and enjoys it.

I communicate with his teacher through a notebook. Each day we write back and forth. Jorge has been having successful days. He has been telling us what he eats for lunch, what he reads and what kind of book bags his friends have. It amazes me. He talks and talks.

Yes, he talks and talks. In complete sentences and full on coherent conversations. This is a miracle. I always waited for the day we could hear our son’s voice. He did not start talking until after 3 years old but we would never give up. Look where he is now.

He reads us stories. He answers questions correctly about things we read to him. Who says autism is a disability? I do not know where it came from but it has been a blessing in disguise. Of course, there have been many difficult days with meltdowns and crying but the joy of exploring his world over powers that. We can go in stores now and he does not throw tantrums…He would get a sensory overload- bright lights, many people, loud noises and now I can understand. i want to raise awareness, My son needs to be understood not judged, as do all children, ASD or not. My son is a miracle and autism is his super power.42552

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