My Boy: part 9

It has been a little over a month and my son is doing very well in Kindergarten. In fact, he absolutely loves it. Every morning he gets ready. I still assist him getting dressed but he gets his clothes, socks and sneakers to bring them to me. I remember when, not so long ago, he was unable to perform such tasks. It just somehow would not click when I would tell him to grab his sneakers or whatever else I needed him to get. This is an amazing turn around. 

He wakes up in the morning without any problems. He is excited about getting on the bus going to school. So in the morning when he wakes he uses the bathroom and brushes his teeth, I help him sometimes to make sure he got to them all but for the most part, he does very well. He is able to handle the toothbrush and maneuver it well. His fine motor skills have improved greatly. Occupational therapy has helped him a lot as well as practicing with us at home and being in school all day.

He still has sensory issues like when I am doing his hair but he has gotten better. There was a time when he did not even want me touching his head with water or anything and now quickly I can do so and also put gel in it. He does not like the sound of the toilet flushing so I have to remind him to do that most of the time. Also if we are using a public restroom, he does not like the hand dryers. He use to be so afraid of them and cry. If someone was using them he would run and hided behind me. Now, little by little, he will use the hand dryer. Also, he does not like the sound of the alarm on the house or any loud sound. He is still sensitive to that. Most of his clothes are tag less but if they are not I have to cut the tag out because he doe snot like the feeling. When he was little, I would have to cut the small tags of of all the stuffed animals because he just did not feel comfortable with them on. If I even left a tiny piece, he would want me to cut it again.

So..he gets his own morning snack and eats himself. Usually it is an apple or yogurt because once he gets to school he will have breakfast. Not so long ago, I would still feed him and now his fine motor skills and the muscles in his hand have become stronger through practice, activities and therapies.

He likes to wait outside a few minutes early for the bus which picks him up in front on our house. He usually has several toys with him and then when he sees the bus he will put one in his book bag and has to hold one. He has always been like this ever since I can remember. He loves to hold things in his hands, always. Even when he sleeps. No matter if it is as tiny as a button, dry macaroni or even a sticker- he will hold it. It used to be when he was younger that if he would fall asleep holding something and it fell out of his hand in the middle of the night, he would cry. He would do so until we find it and give it back to him.

So he plays outside in the morning and when the bus comes, he is excited to go. Excited to see his little friends on the bus and excited to go tell his teacher things and show everyone what is in his book bag. 

What a difference..a huge difference and remarkable changes from 2 years ago..2 months..2 weeks. He is improving all of the time. He still flaps when he is excited and has his little quirks but autism is not his is his SUPER-ability. He is capable beyond words. 

(stay tuned for part 10)

Do not ever lose hope. If your child has autism, be their advocate, support them and help them be capable of having the life of a typical child. They are unique but they are not alone.

Comments and Questions are always welcome..

Thank you for reading and remember that Autism in not a life sentence.

With Love,


B.S. Child Studies

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