My Boy: part 8

Ok, so the past summer was really busy for my son. Well actually, ever since his diagnosis of Autism back in August 2011, things have been really busy for him. Let me just take  a look back and reflect on it all with you..

He was diagnosed by his  primary care pediatrician pending results from a neurologist. After that visit we had multiple visits to make and receive other evaluations by many kinds of specialists including audiologist (because we were not sure how his hearing was, remember we thought he was deaf from lack of response when talking to him) , speech therapist (he was diagnosed with a speech delay and at that time was not talking, he was a little over 3) and ENT (which was after the results of the first audio test, he was hearing mostly out of his left ear and about 30 percent or so with the left ear).

Ok so within a short amount of time we visit all of the above specialist. Yes, indeed he has autism and he is not hearing well so he needs another hearing test. The results still were not satisfactory, as he still could not cooperative with what they needed from him and he could not yet respond. So, this meant another visit to the ENT and he found that there was water in his ears. We got medicine for that and of course needed a follow up. Going back, ever since he was a small baby he had multiple double ear infections, as this is true for many children on the spectrum. So we went back to the ENT and there was still water in one ear. We visited more places like therapy again to start sessions, hospital for MRI (to make sure he was not having partial seizures), CAT scan..and so on. As you can sere, my boy has been busy, busy busy. That is why autism is his super power.And after a while, the ENT suggested tubes in his ears if he gets one more infection or more water behind them. (this was not caused by giving him a bath, it has to do with something else).

So, as I mentioned before, he had tubes put in his ears and also his adenoids removed during the same surgery. He recovered very well and the results were almost immediate. This was seen not only by us, his parents, but by his speech therapist, his teachers and family. So he was busy busy..Therapy twice a week and it started that he only needed Speech therapy once a week and now he is getting speech therapy (private-outside of school) every other week.

The tubes were a great thing that we decided to do for him. They since have fallen out of his ears but sure did improve his quality of hearing which, in turn improved his quality of life. No more ear infections, hearing better, speaking and clearly at that and breathing better. He can sleep through the night when he wants to. 

So in the meantime we take him to another visit to the neurologist after his operation. He could see that Jorge was starting to talk and did notice that he can hear better. All of the results from previous testing that the neurologist had us do came back with positive results. Thank God. There was just something a little fuzzy on the picture of the brain from one of the scan, so we did something else to make sure and it was not a tumor or anything like that.

Busy little bee who is now a busy little 5 year old Kindergartner who loves going to school and socializing. Yes..a child with ASD socializing and loving it…

What a difference therapies, doctors, schools make but they could not do it without supportive parents who are advocates for their children.

(stay tuned for part 9)


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