My Boy: part 7

So..It is summer time and my son has been improving so much. He still flaps his hands out of excitement but no where near as much as he used to do it. I remember seeing him flap his hands all the time and now it is like that trait is dwindling. He still stims but it is like it is decreasing all the time. But…when he is really excited the hands go up and they get close to his face and I see passion, intensity and the future in his eyes.

So, over this summer he was in Mom school as he would say. everyday we would work on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, writing practice, numbers and letters in Spanish- the thing is going over numbers and letters with him is just practice. He recognizes all capital and lower case letters and has been doing that for years. Even so he still loves when I hand make him a learning sheet of Mommy letters who are trying to find their baby letters.

I would have him draw and practice as if he was in school. I wanted him to perfect his skills to the best of his ability so in that way he rocks when he enters Kindergarten. We made flubber and used lots of sensory items. I could see the improvement as the weeks passed by. He was getting it. His shapes were becoming more precise and his figures were resembling the typical stick figure. With each day I could see that it was the best choice that we could make as a family.

We did many special activities and took trips to the beach, park, library and playgrounds where he was able to explore. He loves nature and we made every attempt for each activity to be as educational as we can. And his symptoms started to improve more. He is gaining control of his fine motor skills. We also decide to put him in a karate class. Best idea ever. He loves it. He is learning to focus. Although at times he loves to make faces in the mirror and get out of line and be silly but he is doing it. He is preforming in front of his peers. He loves being a Tiny Tiger and thinks by now he should have a black belt. He just started at the end of July…

My son can read so as I was teaching him Spanish I tried something out and tested him and he reads in Spanish too. I write the word and he can read it which is excellent and a great way to learn a language by doing it all at once. So I bet if you meet him he would tell you he is a ninja karate master that can read and speak in Spanish. He is great. He still writes with both his left hand and write hand but that does not matter. He is learning to write and enjoying it. He is definitely not the same boy who has been diagnosed with Autism two years ago… He has been eating healthy and has been in a loving and nurturing environment. He has learned that autism is a super ability and not a disability. He has been improving and has had all of his vaccines.He is getting better and remember I told you that is what the neurologist said.

(stay tuned for part 8)

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