My Boy: part 5

So, it is the second year of pre kindergarten. Jorge is talking some more and through his speech and occupational therapies alongside specialized instruction, he is improving. Now when you ask him his name he will tell you what his name is. So some time passes and he is talking more. Now he is responding to sentences with a few words and out of nowhere he starts talking in complete sentences. It is just like a spark went off and now he is able to answer questions and exchange sentences with peers and teachers. He is becoming more social and is liking the new interactions with friends whereas mostly before he would parallel play.

Going back to when he was 1.5 and on…A long time ago, I had my son watching Your Baby Can Read program. After sometime time he would say the words on the screen along with the children on TV. So as a test, I would write some words on flashcards and he would say them to me. I rearranged the order and he would still say them. He was reading words. I was amazed. He would also read environmental print and so on. 

Although he was still using pull ups, my son could read. I mean, this little guy just started to use his speech effectively and he was reading. I realized he was able to really read when he was at the school where I was teaching and he had a short story about a firefighter, complete with pictures, and he read all four pages. He loves books. He reads from front cover to back cover of all types of books.Before even entering Kindergarten. Before the summer before Kindergarten. 

The love, support and dedication alongside good quality early childhood vital!!! 

I was amazed so from there…..

He just picked up book after book and developed even more his love of reading. Many of my preschoolers who could write their names and use their fine and gross motor skills more accurately then my son would not be able to recognize all the letters of the alphabet let alone distinguish between upper and lower cases. Jorge could not yet write his name but he could read. He was reading to some of the children in my pre k class. He would become so happy that he would stim and keep stimming. That does not son is amazing. In fact, I fell in love with his stimming and one day I even asked him why he does it and he told me it makes him happy. ; )

So is this it…Could autism be his super ability? He is empathetic, he reads, he loves and he is wise beyond his years. He is compassionate, cares for all animals and all living things. He is curious and now he asks many questions a day- sometimes the hard ones that Einstein probably could not even answer..

I did Sudoku almost  everyday while I was pregnant several puzzles a day, I read to him inside the womb all the time..could this have helped bring out his super ability? He does not have a disability, he is able and so willing to do things. Autism in not a life sentence. In fact, remember what started it all in part 1 of this blog series….my son’s neurologist says that his symptoms seem to be decreasing..his symptoms of autism are not as prominent as the visit before hand. If the same neurologist never diagnosed my son with ASD (middle range) he would say Jorge does not even have autism….nature and nurture?

Note- my son was just four years old at the time of this. He has been fascinated with numbers and letters since he was a baby. Even then, he did not speak he knew the entire alphabet, both lower and upper cases as well as numbers 1-10.

So Jorge keeps reading and talking and asking questions and more questions…..but he is talking. He is able to communicate. Now he thinks he is a karate master. A boy ninja who had an amazing summer before entering the big Kindergarten…he would tell you he was at Mom school during that time. You see, I took that summer off from teaching my pre kindergarteners to dedicate it to my son… more about that soon..

(stay tuned for part 6)

Comments and Questions are always welcome.

Lots of information about autism on that site but it is always best to get to know a child and their family. Baht is when we can start putting the pieces to the puzzle together.

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