My Boy: part 3

Ok, so now there is a short time before pre kindergarten starts and my son has been to his primary doctor, ENT, audiologist and then sent to Yale for an MRI and to Bridgeport Hospital for an EKG. It is a lot for a 3 year old to go through but he did and with a smile too. Thank God the results came back wonderful and everything was normal. Anyways, what is normal? 

So, back and forth, here and there waiting etc. It was the first day of school and when we brought our son to the classroom, we told his teacher that he has autism. I was like what is she going to say, what is she going to do..etc. so she told us nicely that she was going to talk to “some people” in charge of “something” (I do not remember that part but it was some people from the BOE). I felt good after talking with her.

We let the teacher know that he really did not talk, he has a brand new diagnosis of autism and that we were their to be the voice for our son and I knew that she was there to help us. 

Now, as we were leaving the classroom, my son sat there playing and the teacher was next to him. I was still there peeking through the window. I remember seeing him take off his sneakers..then I fled yep. This was because I did not warn them that he absolutely does not like to have shoes on at all. So when the day ended they let me know what I already knew, he kept taking his shoes off- all day. For the first year of his life he never wore shoes. He even got baptized with socks only. I did not want to leave him. I wanted to stay with him but I wanted him also to experience socialization.

Ok, so anyhow he was at school now. Even though he could not express himself or let you know his name the teacher and the para professional fell in love with him. They were great. Since he still was not potty trained at the time, they assisted him in the rest room.

Some weeks had passed and we finally got a PPT meeting and this is where we met with the professionals and teachers to talk about our son and to see what services he was eligible for. 

At that meeting was Ms. Matera, my former professor from my Teaching the Exceptional Child class..the one where I put the pieces together and realized my son was showing signs of autism. What a small world…you see I never met her face to face before since that was an online class. So there we were..

God is working here as He has been all along……

(stay tuned for part 4)

So what happened at this meeting was…

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