Core Classes for B.S. in Child Studies and…

Right now, I am in the process of taking my 5th and 6th MEd courses simultaneously. I have already completed 12 Masters credits and when October comes around, I will have completed 18 Masters credit which is a total of 6 classes. In October I will be taking on 2 more classes that will last until December and by the end of the year, I would have 24 Masters credits or a total of 8 MEd courses. My expected graduation date is May 2014.

The following classes were the core classes that I have taken to obtain my Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Studies  (early childhood education). They have prepared the building blocks to my Masters of Education Program where my concentration is in Teaching and Learning. 

Learning Theory

Language Development in Children

Abnormal Psychology

Child Development


Capstone Field Experience

Observation, Assessment and Individualization

Curriculum Approaches

Practicum III

CHS254:Health, Safety and Nutrtion

Math, Science and Technology in the ECE Classroom

Social Studies in the ECE Classroom

Children’s Literacy and Language

Foundations of Early Childhood Education

Emergent Literacy

Teaching The Exceptional Child

MEd courses so far:

Differentiated Instruction

Diversity in 21st Century Education

Cognitive Science of Teaching and Learning

Measurement and Metrics

Digital Mediated Teaching and Learning

Future of Education

Do you have a MEd? What were your core classes?

I know some school slightly vary on courses and titles of the courses.

Are you thinking of obtaining your MEd?

Ask me any questions. Feel free to contact me.


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