Coming to the end of unit 3 already. Time is flying by and it does not seem as though I have been studying differentiated instruction and diversity in 21st century education for about 3 weeks. I guess it has been super busy with a lot of reading, but let me just say that it is all good and super interesting information.I really enjoy learning. As I am learning, I am envisioning new and improved teaching strategies that I can put into play in the classroom. My background with a BS in Child Studies really serves me well as I am able to connect information and relate to current courses.

May is around the corner and will be here before we know it. Thant is when, God wiling, I will have my Masters Degree with a concentration in Teaching and Learning in my hand. I am looking into getting certified as well for grades K through 6 to be more marketable. I am going to do some research on that later. 

For those that know me, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten is my heart and passion and I am committed to providing the best quality education to our future generation so they can continue making this world a better place to live, love, learn and teach.



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