Speech for Thought

Below is a speech that I quickly wrote for my Diversity in 21st Century Education class…. Let me know what you think about multicultural education…



 Ladies and Gentlemen of the Society for International Education, Training and Research, my name is Danielle Loor. I am a lead pre kindergarten teacher and I am here today to talk to you about a very important topic.. Education is vital for the future of all nations and we owe it to our students to give them the best quality education that we can.. Regardless of the national origin, race, creed, religion – all children deserve the same quality education that depicts all members of society. Teaching and learning about different cultures to children of different races promotes diversity and shows our students that we are all equal and we are the same. Multicultural education shows children what life is like outside of their comfort zone, and that there are people who look different from them but can offer the world so much. Multicultural education creates awareness and respect for individuals. Just think what we can learn from others who are different from us in the way they eat, cook and do laundry. Multicultural education would broaden our horizons. I do not want to think about how dull of a class would be if we were all the same color, religion, ethnicity and so on. We could not possibly learn much if we are all the same. Children question what is different. They create and compare and build their own reasoning and gather thoughts about diversity. This is a positive reaction to the world around them. They must know that there is more to society and that the world has so much to offer them. The world is ever changing and diverse which provides a solid foundation for an education that will benefit the children through their lives. This is where multicultural education comes into play.

Multicultural education is a complex approach in teaching and learning. It is about diversity and its strengths. Multicultural education is the ongoing movement towards equity in the classrooms and in school along with the transformation of the curriculum. It is also the process of becoming multiculturally competent as well as a commitment to address and focus on social injustices. I am here to make a case for multicultural education. I envision a society where each and every child of every single nation is provided with the educational opportunities and the valid support needed to get to their fullest potential/ I see our children learning in a society where all educators and teachers are genuinely caring and culturally competent advocates for the children who are from all walks of life. Children who are from all backgrounds which include ethnic, family, religious, socioeconomic and personal. In this day and age multicultural education is vital. Our children are the future and they need to be taught in a society where their teachers are whole hardheartedly supported in every way materially and non materially: as we all engage in this important work for our country and all others around us.

Let us all envision an interconnected world as I do today. An interconnected world that brings out the unique quality in each and every one of our children. We need to all work towards equality on every level- local, national, global and beyond. Teachers and students can come together for the greater good. Let us all remember that there is strength in numbers and diversity. Let us all just close our eyes and see into a classroom of the very near future where there are Black, White, Yellow and Red smiling faces learning about how great one another is.

Multicultural education is anti racism. It eliminates the structural inequities that are related to specific identity groups beyond ethnicity that are class, gender and race..It is important in teaching and learning that we, as educators, provide a foundation principle which is the importance of culture. The United States is a melting pot and as with many other societies today, there is a large variety of people ranging in color, language and beyond. Why would anyone want to teach in a way that does not represent the world we are living in today. We rae all different. We all have great things to share and teach one another. As we all live in a multicultural society as it is then we should teach multicultural education.

Multicultural education is in a learning environment that would support interracial contact Children are usually comfortable playing with and associating with everyone else around them no matter of their skin color. Sometimes, though it so happens innocently that we may see Whites playing alongside others who are White and Blacks playing alongside others who are Black. The children are not doing anything wrong. They are practicing what they see at home. As a multicultural education teacher, it would be up to us to promote cross interactions between the students with strong encouragement. Showing the children, not only with words but with actions that we learn many things from our peers who are different from us.

There are many core values that are related to multicultural education. One being a responsibility to a world community. Like stated before, children need to be exposed to a world that is outside of what they live in. Teaching them that there are different people and we all come together to form a community even though we may be from different worlds. If we did not do this it would being like teaching the children that they live in a box. Multicultural education teaches our children respect for the earth. This si vital because we only have one and we are all in this together so it is important to be aware and respectful of everyone around us closely and afar.

With multicultural education we are teaching acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity. We teach respect for human dignity and overall universal rights of all humans. This is ideal. This is real. This is what we are all about. We need to give our children the best experiences and with multicultural education we are creating the deep rooted pathways for living life peacefully with deep genuine concerns for all others who breathe the same air. It is much more about a school education, multicultural education is education for the betterment of your child’s life and those around him.

There are going to be critics out there that worry about an emphasis being placed on culture and race in our classrooms and that it may be harmful to our national unity. Multicultural education is the complete opposite. It will bring more unity within our nation as we are a nation of all backgrounds as it is we are a melting pot. English is the first language of the United States but that does not mean there can not be a second, third and so on. What if we all spoke the same? Ate the same? Boring- and we would just be going in circles like robots. When same searches same, there is a continuous cycle of stagnate ideas, beliefs and customs. There is no breaking out of the comfort zone to learn. I did that a while back.

Twelve years ago, I married my husband who was born and raised in Ecuador. I met him after him being here for only a few months and learning English. When we got together I did not know any Spanish and could not communicate with him fully or his family at all. Over the years, I have been to Ecuador over ten times and learned fluent Spanish years ago. I learned what it is like to live in another country. I got to experience it first hand. I learned what they cook and ate and how they celebrated holidays. It was so much fun and more than that is was the best multicultural education I have ever experienced. Even though it was not inside a classroom. The point is that multicultural education is important and it is everywhere stretching beyond classroom walls.

In conclusion, multicultural education is for the greater good for all children in all schools around our nations and beyond. Teaching our children that there is beauty in diversity is an amazing attribute that will help them contribute so much to society. We all want our children to be better than we were then let us show them that they can do great things in a world that seeks importance, respect, love and beyond – multicultural education is the way to go. As I stand here today in front of you, my SIETAR audience, I have faith that you see the values and importance of multicultural education and have hopes that you will spread the word to those around you. We are all in this together. There is no education without multicultural education.

Thank you. Have a good night. God bless you all.



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