Teaching is Learning

What is your preferred style of learning? I am a highly visual learner. I love seeing pictures and colors. As I am reading my texts I use different colored highlighters. I also used so many sheets of paper going through my Statistics course and my Measurement and Metrics course – because I just had to see it written all down in order to “get it”. As I am progressing through my MEd program, I am learning more about the many differnt ways of teaching and learning – That is my concentration. It is all making sense now. All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together on why teachers varied from one another in their styles of teaching. Some we could attend to the lesson all day and others we just slept through class – ugh what a bore.

If we do not all learn the same  then we should be flexible as teachers when it comes to the students that we are teaching. This is where differentiated instruction comes into play. It is very important. Imagine a visual learner sitting through a 2 hour lecture? No images, no graphs or projections on the screen. Not much would get accomplished. Think back to when you were in school and how much time passed by without gaining anything much from a certain class because all the teacher did was talk and talk- maybe write on the board but that still did not help much.

Class needs to be engaging and fun. Everyone needs to gain something from it- teachers as well as the students. Instruction should involve a range of materials as well as a range of teaching styles to fit all of the varying learning styles of the students.



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