Our time has wings….

The week just flew by, didn’t it? I am really into my 2 classes, differentiated instruction and diversity in the 21st century. Really amazing. I am looking forward to continue my readings. Unit 2 starts tomorrow and I am ready for it. I do not have a choice anyway, right? So I have to be ; ). There is so much learning going on that I do not know how the wealth of this valuable information will resound in my cerebrum or how my brain stem will hold up from the density of knowledge that is incorporating on my medulla oblongota.

On a serious note, education is vital and I would not have it any other way. It is as needed as water. I love it and I love sharing it with others. As we learn, we shall teach and pay it forward. That is the purpose of life. What good is our knowledge if we do not share it with others?

I love learning and I love teaching. It is something that is engrained in me. I love books, paper, pens, pencils…..and my son is following in my footsteps. He loves to read. He sees mommy and daddy all the time with books. You see, children learn what they see. They follow and imitate even when you think they are not watching- they are.

Children need to know that learning is not a chore but something that is necessary for their livelihood. I wish all children could love learning and embrace the beauty in acquiring knowledge from even the simplest of things. They, in fact, will need teachers that love teaching. Are you up for it? I am on a journey. Dedication to education is not for the weak at heart because we never stop working.


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