Everyone to school….

It has been a busy week so far. My son is off to KIndergarten and loving it already. My husband is going to college again and I am swimming in work from my two courses this module. EDU 604 and EDU 605.


A whole lot of information to explore and get into but it is really interesting. I am seeing how my previous MEd classes are being put to use now by using what I have learned and incorporating the information into my Differentiated instruction course and Diversity in 21st Century Education. Equally challenging and rewarding.

I know this is where I need to be. It is a perfect fit because I want to differentiate my instruction to suit the needs of the many abilities that children have in pre kindergarten, kindergarten and ECE as a whole. It will make me a better teacher. I acknowledge and value the many different thinking and learning styles that each one of us encompasses. If I really want to teach a child and they are just “not getting it” then it is time to differentiate and shake things up to get that child where he or she needs to be. Lesson plans are there but it is better to plan for doing things, whatever it may be, to keep children engaged and develop a strong love for learning. All children can learn, they just do it differently and at different times.


Diversity in 21st century education is so interesting. The first week is on multicultural education. I believe it is vital and necessary. It is important for children to know that there are others who are different from them in this world who speak differently, eat differently, etc. but yet we are all the same.


Children matter. Education matters. No matter what.


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