Today is the first day of Mod 1. Onto my fifth and sixth class for my MEd program. I am taking EDU604 – Diversity in 21st Century Education and EDU605- Differentiated Instruction. These next 8 weeks are sure to be packed with tons of useful information. These classes seem interesting, just by reading their name alone. Let’s see what I am getting myself into now. Looking forward to a successful module. Two classes closer to obtaining my Masters in Education with a concentration of teaching and learning.Just waiting on my books to arrive. I love getting new books..the smell is great ; ). Let’s go, after my measurements and metric class, I feel I can take this on. First things first…Shall I dare look at the syllabi now??? No, I think I will wait until tonight. Fresh, clear and quiet time.


Right now, I am continuing to prepare my son for Kindergarten, in which he will begin this Thursday. We are reading various  books about the first day of school and doing lots of fine motor practice. He is really excited, as am I. I love seeing children so interested about attending school.

What are you up to?



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