This week…

This week off has been a great time so far. Although, it is a week off from my MEd program, my brain can not get out of that learning mode but I am enjoying this time with my husband and son. Family time is important.

I have been working on expanding and promoting my brand – Loorducation.

Check out my link Loorducation for ECE –

Early childhood education is my passion and I am ready to make a difference

I am thinking of many ideas for my website- (which is coming soon)

And in between my creative brainstorming I am so enjoying not rushing to write a 12 page paper or a 500 word discussion post or required reading. Do not get me wrong, I love graduate school but it is challenging going full time in the accelerated program. It feels good to just sit..and breathe and smell a clean house while sitting in an organized office while drinking iced latte- home-made of course. (wait..was that a run on sentence? hmm, that is why I am not an English major ; )

Thank you for following me on my journey. It is an awesome one.



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