Keep on Teaching Keep on Learning

There are no summers off for mothers or teachers- ever. It may seem that way but dedication and passion drive you. I am teaching. I am always learning. Summer is not time off, it is time to enjoy life more deepening your passions and aspiring to be better in every aspect. For educators, we contine building and enhancing our PLE.

This passion has flowed over into my son. He loves to learn and read. It is not a chore, it is a way of life. Everyday, I homeschool him. integrating letters, math, art and science into everything.Let s not forget, that. PLAY is a child’s work.

Teaching 1 or 22 (like I had in my pre kindergarten class) I will give the child, the same quality education that will prepare them for success. Technology is great, but everyday he has to use paper and writing tools. He is so excited about Kindergarten as I hope all children can be. If they have iPads, that is great, but also let them have paper (tons of it) markers, crayons, paints..Let your children learn and explore.Let them get messy.

A teacher’s brain never stops focusing on what matters most.

Look at what we did today…



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