A Few More Days

Taking a small break. We are down to the last few days in this module. EDU510 and EDU515 have been interesting. I really need to work on my paper and final DDDM project but I took a few minutes to use PhotoShop and quickly design a cover photo for my new Facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/loorducation. I am working on many ideas for my up and coming website- http://www.loorducation.com. This site / blog will remain in place as it is needed throughout my Masters program. This is where I will share my experiences, assignments and other things related to my MEd program. Loorducation.com is going to be about early childhood education and beyond!!! I love my field. It is so rewarding. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Studies from Post University. I graduated Cum Laude. It has been amazing. I continue on my career path, with four EDU classes under my “black belt” and looking to graduate in May 2014. Education is awesome.Image

What is your passion? I am not sure if I need to tell you that ECE/EDucation is mine. ; )


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