One Upping the Web

One-upping the Web

“Between the explosion of Web connectivity and increasingly complex tools for handling information, the only valid tasks we can ask of our students are evaluation (of non-statistical inputs) and creation of original work. Everything else is more easily and accurately completed online. Don’t just have students research a period in history, have them write a song about it or create a diary to tell the story from a historical perspective. These are tasks that the Internet can’t (yet) accomplish. Anything else? Just Google it.”

The closing paragraph is very intense and thought provoking. I had to read it several times and let it sink in. Overall I do agree with Harris’ closing statement. Going to school, doing assignments, researching and so forth has been facilitated with the web and use of internet. The web has made it so much easier to get papers done, do research and find out information we need for school assignments. Everything is at hand and ready for our use. It is out there on the internet we must have to look and it will be there for us whether it be scholarly articles, online encyclopedias, articles etc- it is all there for us. Makes it easy then years ago when we were using a paper card catalogue at the library and actual paper encyclopedias that we had to look through for information and that took a lot of time. Now it is one, two click and we got it. Well sometimes we need to do a little more searching but overall the internet has made studying and completing work so much more easily and super readily available

We are all connected through the web an all of its tools that we can use to search, gather and handle information. What we can get from our students is the evaluation of these tools, how they worked for them and how the tools aided them in the learning process. Many students create great original work after exploring the internet. Browsing the web can inspire and motivate students to embar on their own creative expressive journey.Many original works comes from the heart and souls of students which can truly be evaluated by them- the process, the meaning, the feeling. This can not be found on the internet but cues that aid in their process may do so. Everything other than a student’s original work can be found online and that is true. Whatever we may need we just google it if we do not have an exact web site where we would find the information.

Harris stated don’t just have the students research a period in history, have them write a song about it…this is a very good idea when you think about it especially because research sometimes can take just one click. Teachers want to know if a student is really learning, or is really putting in the time to research therefore now a days with the us of the web, it can be done in an instant and it is so easy to do so that sometimes students do not use their full potential. By writing a song or creaing a diary, this forces students to use their imagination, their own self expression, indiviaduality and creatitivity. This will stay with them. This will become an original creation that they will learn from and remember because they have to put thought and feeling in to it to complete the task/assignment. It great that these tasks mentioned previously can not be created by the internet as of today or “yet”as Harris stated. And to close it off, anything else we need from a recipe, thesis, quotes etc we just google it. I very much agree with Harris.


Harris, C. (2010). One-upping the web . [Article]. School Library Journal, 56(11), 14-14.


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