Types of Learning Environments


We do not need to sit in a classroom to learn nor do we have to stand in front of a classroom full of students to be able to teach. Learning and Teaching are evolving. Below is a quick take on 3 types of settings…….

Learning and teaching can be done in a variety of settings and situations. We can learn in a traditional face to face classroom and we can also teach our students in a traditional classroom setting where we see each other face to face.

In a traditional or face to face classroom, the students and teacher always experience learning inside a classroom together as a group and always meets in person.Technology can be a part of the classroom learning but all types of learning and associated projects and activities  are done in the classroom except for homework.

Another type of classroom is the hybrid classroom. It is called a hybrid class because half (more or somewhat less) is carried out online and the other part of the class is taught in a classroom setting, face to face. So basically hybrid classes are a mix between online learning and traditional learning. Technology is a major part of the course.

The online classroom, is totally 100 percent internet based. The students and teachers do not meet face to face and there is no actual classroom setting. All teaching and learning is done virtually. All communications are done online and all work and assignments are completed in the same manner.

When we are in a traditional classroom all of us are being taught the same ideas at the same pace. When we are in an online classroom, we are learning at our own pace and different things. Although we are presented with the same assignments and projects, we as students set the pace in how and when we read as well as where we want to do so. We can have class in the middle of Starbucks where as if we were face to face we could end up daydreaming and losing quality learning time because our minds drift.

Teaching online is different that teaching face to face. Questions may not be answered in real time. If a student has a question and is stuck on the matter he or she can not just raise their hand and get a response but rather  stop, email professor and wait. The same thing as if a teacher has a question for the students.

PBL or problem based learning is a good method to use in online learning  because it challenges the students to learn how to learn. When we are online, we are not alone but we have to be disciplined and really learn how to learn in order to succeed. We can work virtually in groups to find solutions to authentic real life situations. It focuses on finding real world  problems and figuring them out in ways that drives students to find their correct chosen career path. Another great method for online learning would be games, simulations and experiments because students today have grown and are used to playing games, using internet and doing other types of things using technology and tools.The simulations and games help students solv ereal world problems n a safe environment while having fun doing so.

Humor in the classroom can be a good method to use in a traditional classroom. Sometimes students become disengaged, unmotivated and bored. By using humor, it can enhance student learning by improving retention and understanding.

Critical Thinking is a great method to use in all learning settings especially the hybrid setting. It forces students to really think about situations and find solutions to problems. When they have the chance to meet with their teacher face to face they can talk about it. In the mean while, while they are learning online, they can search for the answers themselves making them more involved with learning.


The learning activity really got me thinking about my learning activity. It is awesome because I am learning in an online environment and at the same time I am teaching young children in a traditional setting. I believe that all learning and teaching can come full circle. It is great to live in this day and age where we have options.

What is your preferred method of learning and why?  Also, for educators -What is your preferred method of teaching and why?



Look forward to hearing from you!!!


3 thoughts on “Types of Learning Environments

  1. As a learning I enjoy online education. It allows me to continue in my career and still spend time with my family. I can work on my assignments at convenient times. As an educator I really like the hybrid environment. This still allows for face to face interaction but also promotes technology and collaboration amongst peers. The online portion of the class can reinforce the content taught in the face to face environment.

  2. Being in the profession I am in as an athletic administrator, I enjoy the hybrid learning and teaching method. I think it is essential for student-athletes to receive this method in the classroom and on the field. The way that we go over material in a face-to-face manner and then ask our student-athletes to go over their own film and review the comments we leave them, helps them self-absorb the corrections that we as coaches make for them. So they get the face-to-face hybrid interaction in the classroom and also during certain periods on the practice field. They are also given individual time and pre-practice time self analyze and adjust what they are doing incorrectly.

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