EDU520- Motivation and Engagement

Engagement and motivation are two very important aspects of education. Educators must understand and learn how to really engage the students. It is our job as educators to get students interested into the subject matter at hand. Once we have the students interested we must also engage them. We need to engage the students into the work we are presenting them whether it be a hands on activity, writings, arts or whatever else, the important fact is to have the students be involved and engaged to what they are working on. Having a motivated student really encourages educators to work hard and smart for them, this is turn would have educators planning on how to better engage students in all aspects of learning.if educators would understand the concepts of motivation and engagement we would have more successful students taht would be encourgaed to reach their goals and try hard to never give up. According to Wlodkowski, there is a problem with motivation and it is that we can not see or touch it. This causes teachers to need to want to learn a student’s personality.We can not observe motivation nor measure it in an accurate manner (1999).
Educators can really influence students motivation and engagement. One way is by focusing on the students interests and make lessons surrounding that topic. If a teacher really focuses on the interests of the students the students will notice. This will cause them to be more a part of the class and naturally they will become engaged. Making classes and lessons fun and up to date causes for motivation. Having a hands on activity and or projects is great engagement as well. Engagement can be synonymous with active learning (2011). Engagement is co discovery. It is being in the moment and paying attention while being immersed into a topic at hand (2011).
According to Garret, engagement is a coming together between a student and teacher more like a fusion. An open back and forth dialouge.
Technology is great. I think that when students, no matter how young or how old, when they see a computer, SmartBoard, iPad or another electronic device that they can use to”play” when actually they are really learning is wonderful. It sparks interest and creates curiosity. Students are more willing to try it out. It cause for engagement and it is like  a circle. The teacher creates engagement and this motivates the teacher to do more while motivating students to become involved with technology and the world around them.
When I do an activity with my students I always want to make sure they are happy. I want to keep them interested for the whole time. I motivate them to become interested in a subject if they do not know too much about it or lack interest. The key factor is engagement. I always ask myself how can I get the children negaged and motivate them to finish the task/assignmnet. I use a reward sytem and positive reinforcement. I get on their level and ask them many questions. Getting to know them and what they would like to learn. From a young age children trust you and they get the vibe that they are loved and we are their to help them. I always want to make it about them. To get students to love to learn and enjoy school is  a teacher’s priority.

Garrett, C. (2011). Defining, detecting, and promoting student engagement in college learning environments . [Article]. Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal, 5(2), 1-12.

Wlodkowski, R. J. (1999). Motivation and diversity: A framework for teaching . [Article]. New Directions for Teaching & Learning(78), 7.


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